CCTV Camera

 Special CCTV camera for indoor/outdoor installation.
 No adjustment required.
 Easy installation on ceiling/wall.
 Night vision capable.



Rotating Stand for CCTV Camera

 Support Automatic, Manual left right movement
 The camera can revolve automatically, making wider-angle scanning



Wall Mount Stand Bracket for CCTV Camera

 Universal Wall Mount Camera Bracket gives you a lot of versatility

 For indoor and outdoor mount applications, even around corners and near windows, etc.
 This CCTV Camera Bracket is suitable for indoor, outdoor, wall and ceiling mounting.



Standalone DVR Box

 Real-time live display with 1080 high definition
 Network Browse: CMS Client Software, Web Browser
 Mobile Support: I Phone, Android Phones, Nokia(Symbian 3&5), Blackberry, Built in DDNS Support
 Multi function: Live recording, playback, backup & remote access



PC Attached DVR Card/USB Kit

 Video input : 4/8/16 channel video inputs
 Video resolution :640 X 480, 352 X 288, 320 X 240
 compression mode :Latest MPEG-4 / H.264
 Compression ratio :60-150M/C/H (60-150M of hard disc each channel per hour)
 video total frame rate:240fps in NTSC, 200 fps in PAL
 Operating System:Windows2000 Professional / Server / XP /vista


CCTV Cable

CCTV Co-axial Cable(3+1)


Various kinds of connectors are available for CCTV camera