We have wide range of Standalone / Network applications. Some of ready to deploy applications are as follows:

Point of Sale (POS) solutions with Barcode

Innovation, vision and market excellence are inevitable to achieve success in today's cutthroat competitive business scenario. But without process automation, it is really difficult to achieve business goals. To efficiently manage business operations, we are offering Retail Billing Software, a smart solution that is specifically designed for small and medium independent retailers. It is an integrated Warehouse and Retail Management System, that enables the user to efficiently manage stock control and point-of-sale system (POS).

The application have integrated barcode software for printing and developing barcodes on different products. Our solutions support different barcode scanners and printers and can work on different barcode symbology and layouts. These solutions are compatible with barcode printer as well as laser or inkjet printers.

Developed by some best brains of the industry, it is an excellent solution for various sectors including Fashion Store, Footwear, Books/Gift Shops, Furniture Store, Home Furnishing, Departmental Stores, and many more. With this the user can easily keep a track on daily stocks and easily handle the large traffic of consumers. Finally, this solution increases the operational efficiency and facilitates easy handling of a huge variety of the goods, proper inventory management and low operational expenses.