The most problematic job for an enterprise or individual is the regular updation of the website as per need to keep the content of the website up-to-date. This activity includes updation of existing pages, creating new pages, changing of contact information and last but not the least updation of photo gallery. Generally they will need a technical person who can make program of the page in the required programming language and upload it to web server. Keeping the fact in mind, we have made a web application for web site with PHP/AJAX technology to simplify the job and make it easy for even a non technical person. Using this application enabled web site, it will be easy to maintain you updated existence in the web.

Forget to hire a technical person every time to update your site… do it by yourself…

Salient features:
This website have an ‘Admin Panel’, using which a user can make changes in the content of website. A user ID and Password will be supplied to login. Any page can be built or rebuilt with a simple editor just alike a word processor (MS Word). Whenever a user will make a new page it will be automatically placed in menu of the web site. 
The site will have a well programmed photo gallery, an user will have to just select and upload photos using a built in uploader.

Our responsibility:
1. We will register domain name and web server space. (optional)
2. We will customize and deploy the web application for you.
3. We will design and upload the initial framework of website.
4. We will train-up you or your person to use the site.